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G'day guys. As I write this I've finally reached the final act of Chapter 9 and it should be finished in December provided nothing gets in the way. I've been slow this month due to a combination of commission work, disability service appointments, job interviews and getting my RSA certificate, so I can now legally serve alcohol to everyone who feels like celebrating. Personally I can't stand the stuff, I have weird metabolism problems so drinking just give me a headache.

As usual, no specific dates. Just ballpark. November has just been a busy month outside of art but I've got some free time now.

Chapter 9 will be the climax of this arc. With Sore and Tickles about to rematch and a fast approaching Crust on his way, organs are ready to fly. Grab your Sweet Chili Grain Waves and Mother energy and try not to piss and shit yourself at the neon vomit heading your way.

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