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Chapter 1 Rework

The rework of chapter 1 is now up in English and Spanish just in time for June 1, the original announcement/publishing date for chapters 1, 2 and 3 in 2021. A few things have changed but I guess that means I've learned something in that time. It was nice to have another go at it without stressing about university assignments I didn't sign up for despite already being married to the idea of dropping out (long story). I'm not gonna delete that old chapter or anything, I'll probably just put a button on the top saying "read this instead" for anyone new.

Moaning aside, it was fun to come back to it and see what I've improved on and a pleasant surprise for production to go so smoothly. I'll apologise in advance for new readers who read it and have to put up with Epper's magic disappearing nose. I'm not gonna redo chapters 2 and 3, I think they're fine. The fact I did 1 is enough for me but what can I say, I'm a One Punch Man fan.

Chapter 8 is next. Hopefully drawing that one will be free for crises too.

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