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Chapter 10 delayed + Officeworks are dicks

Hello worms. I am no longer using twitter. The entire site can go and get fucked.

Unfortunately after the quick progress I was making before, I managed to spill water on my tablet. I thought my Ivy plant (which was on my desk at the time) could use some more water after a hot day and it thanked me by leaking onto my huion and killing it. This was nearly 2 weeks ago and my replacement is about to arrive in a few days but needless to say I haven't been able to draw pages. It would probably be done by now if I could.

Speaking of pains in the ass. I've been shopping around for a new laptop. The one I'm typing this from is beginning to show its age a little and I want to replace it before it's unusable. Not an emergency but worth the investment. The next step would be a proper PC but there's a lot I have to buy in preparation (I have a very shitty desk). I was thinking of giving PaintTool SAI another shot as I've been using an old version of CSP all this time and don't want to have to update. This new PC/software along with the end of the arc was going to coincide with a few format changes for the comic and hopefully make things look a little nicer going forward.

Or, that's how things would've gone had Officeworks not cancelled my order while I was on my way to collect it on Saturday. Worse still, I haven't been refunded and I'm down nearly $1100. Initially I had hoped this is just some bank transfer fuckery and I'd have to wait an extra 24 hours (as sometimes happens) but as I write this it's been 32. No response to my email asking how long it's supposed to take, nothing. I'm going to call them tomorrow morning to (hopefully) sort things out but after what happened with Target and the separation certificate I have no patience left for bureaucratic bullshit. There's a voice in the back of my head telling me to sue. I hope it doesn't come to that.

On a more positive note, since I haven't been able to draw, I had a sudden urge to try music. Don't expect a Death Clown OST to play in the background while reading anytime soon, but I might stick something up on youtube when I create something presentable. Lord how long that will take.

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