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Chapter 10 in progress + other updates.

Hello worms. As I write this, I'm 7 pages into chapter 10. Yesterday was my most productive working on the comic since I started. I drew 3 pages in one night so I'm pretty proud of myself.

As I've stated ad-nauseum at this point, 10 will be the end of the current arc. By my estimation this should put us 10% of the way through the series. It only gets worse from here.

If you're from twitter/instagram then there's no need to address the elephant in the room but for those of you weirdos who found this site through tvtropes or something, I'm having a break from social media because to be quite frank, I'm fucking sick of everyone's bullshit. A combination of paranoia over my employment, burnout and adderall lead to a nuclear meltdown on twitter where I tried to both get my account suspended and push as many people away as I can in the process. I failed at both, so I decided to see myself out instead. The best way to describe it would be fatigue. After 4 years I think I can safely say that I'm tired of this whole "internet artist" act. Especially on the worst platform on Earth. People post shit like they're getting paid. I know AI is the big thing everyone is worried about right now, but I swear not even the human artists have souls anymore.

Thank you everyone who made the last 4 years worth it (you know who you are) but I don't have the mental energy to waste on the Pre-Cambrian lifeforms on the internet. People on the street are enough for now. With any luck I might actually release the new chapter in a timely fashion. It'd be pretty funny if twitter has been what's slowing me down. I swear there are bacterial colonies that break down sewerage in treatment plants that have better lives than that.

Until next time.

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