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Chapter 7 Released

After 3 months, a new 40 page chapter is finally out! Finally reaching the climax of this Sore arc (It still feels weird using the word "arc" in reference to my own work but I'm just gonna have to get used to it). The next week is going to be site updates up until the 27th. My birthday present to myself will be some well-deserved rest.

I said in my last blog post that chapter 7 will release in conjunction with the spanish version but I was so ready to publish ch7 I just went ahead and did it. Gabbo's translation will be out before the end of the month along with a general revamp to the chapter pages. I was considering grouping the first 3 chapters together but I'll have a bit more of a think.

That's the news for now.

Go away.


For those of you still with me. I used to joke on twitter that every new chapter of death clown is the start of some personal crisis, whether it's being denied my final year of university due to staff incompetence, burnout brought on by dissatisfaction with my work, losing my job, or falling out with family, but god damn was I not ready for the hot, spicy clusterfuck diarrhoea shit-nado that would befall me during production of ch7. I started drawing in late January and what started as thunderstorms flooding my mum's workplace with sewage (we actually think that one is pretty funny) turned into yelling at old supervisors on the phone to give me documentation so I could get assistance while unemployed and some mental problems rearing their ugly heads all while trying to stop myself waking up at 3pm. The death of my cat especially fucked me up towards the end. Maybe the more observant readers can see what page I was drawing when I received news.

All of that to say, I'm really proud of what I've accomplished with ch7 but I hope I never have to repeat the experience of making it. I'm going to have a bit of a rest before I start work on ch8. Looking at my notes, it definitely won't be as daunting. Ch9 is gonna be another big one though so I hope you're ready. I might even get it done this year if I don't suddenly get diagnosed with colon cancer or surprise blood clots. I kid of course, but it might be a few weeks before I even think of drafting ch8.

Thanks for being so patient with me and my bullshit.

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