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Chapter 8 complete

Chapter 8 is finished and is going up in English and Spanish on the 21st despite all the bullshit making it (and I thought ch7 was a pain in the ass). Chapters 9 and 10 will be the finale of the Sore arc and will most likely be long. Hopefully not as big a wait as this one but you know how it is with me. I say "I want to speed up" and then it takes me 3 months. I need to stop stressing myself out.

Now the boring production part:

I often joked with friends that this was "the messy chapter" not only because it's the low point before the climax, but because pages went through a lot more scrutiny than usual, nearly as much as chapter 1. Part of what took me so long was just stopping in my tracks to make edits, especially towards the last half. This chapter should be fun for the patrons who like looking at the unused content.

Epper has more or less become my stress-ball, both in the comic and outside of it. Poor thing. Wouldn't be surprised if I make some people a bit queasy with this one, but that's too bad. Suffer. I promise you it's going somewhere.

I'm going to have a rest before I start on the madness that will be chapter 9 but until then, if you're ever on the Australian tf2 servers dying to the cheapest flares possible from my "universal prolapse" scorch shot, that's just me unwinding. Do your best to enjoy it.

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