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Shart fight + Chapter 8 news

Hello readers. As I write this I'm trying to keep on top of both art fight attacks and my comic page drawing duties. Definitely please don't draw my characters if you're participating this year. I couldn't possibly take more cool art. Don't throw me under the bus that is team Bloom (hehe). Of course this is eating into time I could be spending drawing chapter 8 pages. At the moment I'm aiming to get it done before my psychiatrist appointment in late August, so expect it before then but if not, lynch me on twitter. I don't really care.

I've been thinking of how I can attract more Patreon donations and a follower suggested little drawings of supporter's characters at the end of each chapter to show who donated during that cycle. Not a bad idea but I'd have to do some testing on things like style and how these characters are actually presented. Probably a chibi thing. Maybe I can draw them dead or just their decapitated heads. Not sure if everyone would like that. I'll think about it a bit more and hopefully have something to present before the end of ch8.

It recently dawned on me that the Sore arc is nearly over and what that means for the series, but more importantly myself as a creator. It's a weird sense of achievement. I've never been more proud to sit on my ass. It's been a real learning experience but it also means I'm closer to the chapter I've wanted to draw since I started last year. Hopefully I can deliver.

Showing off images from WIP chapters in this blog is always a bit weird because I want to show off something good but not too spoilery which makes it hard. If you follow me elsewhere you've probably seen some of this already. Spoilers for ch8 below:


Don't say I didn't warn you.

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