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Taking a break (?)

As I write this I'm yet to draw anything relating to chapter 8. I've been taking some time off the comic after the hot, spicy clusterfuck diarrhoea shit-nado of chapter 7 (as I've called it). It's been nice. I doubt ch8 will be as long or as big an undertaking as the previous, though I would like to do some longer ones like it in the future. I guess there's only one way to get used to it.

So what have I been doing with that time?


Let's say I've been looking behind.


So, why are you redrawing chapter 1?

Before I started Death Clown I got in this cycle of writing manuscripts, drawing the pages and finding out it didn't work the way I wanted it to and starting over. This almost made me not want to try until I just decided "fuck it" and rushed out chapter 1. If you look at the dates on the bottom of ch1 and ch2 you'll notice quite the gap. Unfortunately it wasn't all it could be and while you could just chalk that up to me improving as both an artist and a writer, it's a little embarrassing. There's a lot I wish I gave more time, looking back.

This shouldn't take me too long to complete and it serves as a nice warmup for ch8. I'm not rebooting the comic and I'm not deleting the original. It will still line up with ch2. I'll probably just put a button saying "chapter 1 has been redrawn, read it here" on the top of the screen to annoy you all.

Thank you for your patience.

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